¡Without a doubt one of the most important issues during a transfer is taking care of your health!
Therefore, Prime Relocation has implemented an innovative health counseling service, which seeks to ensure timely and adequate attention for all members of the family, through a counseling program conducted by a selected group of medical specialists willing to carefully analyze your medical history, and guide you to the accurate medical group responsible for your care. We will consider what your insurance covers, and give you full scientific advice to you and all your family members.


Is your spouse interested in working in Colombia?

We have a professional team that provides career guidance to the executive´s spouse in seeking and obtaining a job in our country. This service includes assistance in preparing the resume according to the parameters, in order to provide a good impact on the sector to follow, and a review of possible contacts to facilitate the positioning of their resume, according to the opportunities that interest them.

  • PETS

We value and take into account your pets as well! We give advice on veterinary services, food sales, care, training, etc.


Caribbean Sea? Amazon Rainforest? Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta? Contact us for advice and information about the best airlines, hotels, vacation homes, green plans, traditional festivals, etc..

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